Stuart offers seminars for both students and business professionals. Descriptions of each are available below.

School Seminars
- Elementary, Secondary and Post Secondary Classes -

The ability to get up in front of a group to convey your message in a clear and confident manner is a necessary skill in every aspect of modern life. These seminars provide a brief, concise look at how an early mastery of public speaking and presentational skills can put you a step ahead, in a fast paced world.

Public Speaking and Presentational Skills can help students of all ages with:
- Self confidence
- Self image
- School work
- Future careers
- Interaction with others
Duration and Class Size:
Seminars last between 1 and 1.5 hours, and are appropriate for class sizes of 25 to 200

Please contact Stuart to inquire further about these programs

The Effective Speech Presentation for Business Professionals
- One or Two Day Seminar -

Recognize your strengths and build on them. Find your weaknesses and turn them into strengths! These seminars, geared toward professionals interested in becoming more comfortable with public speaking, help to pinpoint weaknesses in current presentation techniques and improve on them through lecture and interactive exercises.

"More Canadian companies need to realize.....that more training builds business. There is a connection between learning and profitability"
- Lynn Johnston, Canadian Society for Training and Development

"During the past two decades, I have had the opportunity of being exposed to, and participating with, many of the foremost facilitators in North America. Stuart Brown stands out like a beacon in this group. Whether your need to become comfortable and confident as a presenter is personal or on behalf of your employees, Stuart can raise the level of competence beyond all expectations. His classic style, humour and outstanding vocal abilities will have a most positive affect on skills enhancement and your bottom line."
- Brinley D. Jones, Career Development Consultant, Century 21 Canada