Effective Speech Presentation

We've polled a thousand people, and asked them to tell us their greatest fear. Here are their top three answers:

1) Public Speaking
2) Death
3) Living with my Mother-In-Law

This means that most people would rather die, (or) live with ther mother-in-law, than make a speech.

Stuart Brown Seminars
take out the fear
and put in the fun!

Stuart Brown has been a Live Show Announcer for over 20 years. Corporate events and National Tours have enabled him to bring a vast amount of experience to his public speaking seminars.

"We are all capable of developing better skills at public speaking.
We can all be more confident and effective in communicating our ideas to an individual or group.
It takes time, training and practice, but we can improve and excel"

Previous Clients:

Ontario Case Managers Association
Read, Jones and Christoffersen
Calgary Home Builders Association
Canadian tour Guide Association of Toronto
Arthur Anderson
Sheila Morrison College School


"The experience and advice you have given us is invaluable!"

"Excellent presentaion!"

"Your seminar was most interesting and energetic."